November 14, 2023

Understanding ANZSIC

Matt Stevenson

Managing Director

What is ANZSIC?

First things first, ANZSIC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification. Think of it as the Dewey Decimal System for businesses. It’s a standardized framework used to categorize business activities, and it’s what we use here at Bizstats to organize our extensive database of business sales records.

Why Does It Matter?

Imagine trying to find a book in a library without a classification system. You’d be wandering aimlessly through the aisles, right? The same goes for business data. Without a standardized system like ANZSIC, sifting through our database would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

How Do Bizstats Use ANZSIC?

When you’re searching for comparable sales on our platform, you’ll notice that each record is tagged with an ANZSIC code. This code helps you filter results that are directly relevant to the business you’re interested in. Whether you’re an accountant, a business broker, or a potential buyer, understanding these codes can significantly streamline your search process.

A Quick Guide to ANZSIC Codes

ANZSIC codes are hierarchical and broken down into Industry, Sector, Category, and ANZSIC. Here’s a simplified example:

SectorFood Product Manufacturing  C11
CategoryDairy Product Manufacturing  C113
ANZSICCheese and Other Dairy Product Manufacturing  C113300

Each level has its own code, making it easier to drill down to the specific type of business activity you’re interested in.

Tips for Using ANZSIC Codes on Bizstats

Start Broad, Then Narrow Down: Begin your search with a broader category and then refine it using the hierarchical structure.

Use the Search Function: Our platform allows you to search by ANZSIC code or description. Make use of this feature to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Check the Definitions: If you’re unsure about which code to use, the NZ Government provides this handy tool for searching the codes. This can help you make a more informed choice.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the ANZSIC system is like having a roadmap for navigating our database. It allows you to find the most relevant data quickly, making your decision-making process more efficient and accurate.

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