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Where does Bizstats get its data?

Details of business sales are collated each month from our network of Business Brokers throughout New Zealand.

01 Collect

Business Brokers from across NZ submit data on businesses they’ve sold

02 Collate

Each submission is reviewed, categorised, and collated into the Bizstats database

03 Compare

Customers explore our online database for comparable data to inform their analysis

How do I get a Bizstats report?

Our online platform makes finding comparable data simple. Get insights in just four easy steps.

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What does it cost?

With our volume pricing discounts, you get more for less. Adjust the slider below to see what you could save on a Bizstats report.

Pricing breakdown

  • 1-4 Bizstats

    $60 each

  • 5-9 Bizstats

    $50 each

  • 10+

    $45 each

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Bizstats Terminology

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Understanding ANZSIC

ANZSIC codes classify business data, simplifying your search for accurate comparables on Bizstats.

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