November 14, 2023

How to buy Bizstats

Matt Stevenson

Managing Director

Purchasing a Bizstats Report – A step by step guide

Welcome to Bizstats! If you’re ready to dive into the world of comparable transaction analytics, here’s a simple guide to purchasing your first report on our web app. Let’s get started:

1. Sign Up or Log In

First things first, if you’re new here, welcome aboard! Sign up for an account to get started. If you’re already part of our community, just log in to continue.

2. Create Your Report

Navigate to the ‘Reports’ section and click on ‘Create Report’. This is where your journey to deeper business insights begins.

3. Enter Business Details

You’ll need to input some key details about the business you’re analyzing. This includes

  • Annual revenue
  • Gross profit
  • Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE)
  • Tangible assets
  • Stock
  • Business description

These details will be used to complete your final report, ensuring it’s fully customised to provide the insights you need.

4. Select the ANZSIC Code

Choose one or more ANZSIC (Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification) codes that best represent the business you’re evaluating. This selection is key to displaying records that closely align with the business’s operations, ensuring a more accurate and relevant comparison in your report.

5. Select Comparable Records

Now, the exciting part! Select from the range of comparable records that match the business profile. Take your time to review each record in turn. This step is crucial for an accurate and relevant analysis.

6. Preview and Save Your Search

Before finalising, preview your report. You can also save your search for easy sharing with colleagues or clients.

7. Checkout with Stripe Card Payment

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, proceed to checkout. Our secure Stripe card payment system ensures a smooth and safe transaction.

8. Access Your Report Anytime

After the purchase, the report is yours to view and export anytime under your account. Dive into the data and insights at your leisure!

Ready to Explore?

With these steps, you’re all set to unlock a wealth of business data and insights. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is just an email away at

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