November 14, 2023

Bizstats Terminology

Matt Stevenson

Managing Director

At Bizstats, we are committed to providing you with transparent and useful data. To ensure that you can make the most of the insights we offer, it’s essential to understand the specific data fields used in our reports. Below, we’ve detailed each data field and its corresponding definition.

Data FieldDefinition
Bizstats #Unique identification number for the sale record
ANZSICAustralian and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification. Identifies the industry the business operates in
RegionGeographical location of the business within New Zealand
Months to sellDuration (in months) it took to sell the business
Annual RevenueThe total income generated by the business in a financial year exclusive of GST
GP %Gross profit percentage. Indicates the profitability of the business after deducting direct costs of goods sold
SDESeller’s Discretionary Earnings is the earnings of the business before:
– proprietors income (salary, wages, director fees)
– interest
– taxes
– depreciation

Brokers are asked to rebase this figure to one working owner
W/OThe FTE count of working owners
Lease Months RemRemaining months on the business’s lease agreement at the time of sale:

A/R = as required
F/H = freehold
Home = home based
MTM = month to month
N/A = not applicable
New = new lease
Sale PriceTotal price at which the business was sold (Tangibles + Stock + Intangibles)
TangiblesValue of tangible assets owned by the business, such as machinery, equipment excluding real estate.

The freehold value is recorded in some instances (if any) and can be requested by emailing
StockValue of the business’s inventory or stock on hand
IntangiblesValue of intangible assets, such as brand value, intellectual property, and goodwill
SDE X= Sale Price / SDE
Intangibles / SDE %= Intangibles / SDE
Pro-Tax ROI %= SDE / Sale Price
Gross Rev X= Stock + Intangibles / Average Weekly Sales (incl. GST)

This measure is mainly used in the food retail industries in the upper North Island (e.g. restaurant, café, bars, dairies, superettes etc.). It is usually not relevant to other businesses.

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