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Empowering small and medium enterprise with reliable and sought-after sales data, Bizstats enables business owners to transact with confidence, bridging the data gap in the New Zealand market.

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Our company

Founded in 2000 by renowned business broker Clyth Mcleod and expert valuer Don Sloan, Bizstats emerged from a clear need. Both visionaries saw that New Zealand was lacking reliable valuation metrics. Inspired by overseas models, they set out to fill this void, creating a trusted source for business sales data.

For over two decades, Bizstats thrived using a glorified Excel spreadsheet and filling orders over email.

Our transition to an online platform marks a significant transformation. Gone are the days of emailing back and forth. Customers now enjoy instant access to data, online purchasing convenience, and a secure space for report storage. It's a new era for Bizstats, yet our commitment to quality and service remains.

Where does Bizstats get its data?

Details of business sales are collated each month from our network of Business Brokers throughout New Zealand.

01 Collect

Business Brokers from across NZ submit data on businesses they’ve sold

02 Collate

Each submission is reviewed, categorised, and collated into the Bizstats database

03 Compare

Customers explore our online database for comparable data to inform their analysis

Key statistics

Building on our solid foundation of over 11,500 records and two decades of data collection, we're continually exploring new avenues to expand and enhance our dataset for richer business insights.




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Frequently asked questions

Bizstats is NZ’s only aggregator of SME business sales data in New Zealand. We collect data from our network of business Brokers across the country and collate this into a searchable database to empower our customers in undertaking market comparable business valuations.

Anyone trying to determine a fair price for a business can benefit from searching the Bizstats database. Whether you are an Accountant, Lawyer, Broker, Business Owner, Seller or Purchaser there is a huge amount of insight that you can access with a Bizstats report.

Bizstats reports are charged on a per record basis. For more on cost see the pricing table and slider here.

Signing up for an account is simple. Go to www.bizstats.report and click ‘Register’. Once you’ve entered your details and created an account you can start searching the Bizstats Database.

New Zealand's only database of business sales statistics