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  Practical aspects of SME valuation
  Gathering Valuation Information
  Selling a SME
  Using EBPIDT
  Earnings Multiples
  The Recession and SME Valuations
  Terms and Conditions
  Understanding Intangible Assets
  Valuation Process
  The Curious Valuer & Guide to SME Valuations
  The ‘Superprofits’ Valuation Method
  SMEs (Small - Medium Enterprises)
  Principles and Methods of SME Valuation
  Why Valuers Get It Wrong
  Value Modifiers
  Why Pay Goodwill For A Business That Is Trading At A Loss?
  Does Size Matter? - Part 2
  Does Size Matter? - Part 1
  Personal Goodwill
  Valuations Based On Turnover
  'Fair Value' & 'Fair Market Value' - Part 2
  'Fair Value' & 'Fair Market Value' - Part 1
  Identifying Intangible Assets
  A Misunderstood Aspect of Business Value: The Market Approach
  Intangible Assets - More Than Goodwill
  'Stale' Comparables?
  Multiple of Discretionary Earnings



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