Explanation of Data Terms

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A number of factors need to be considered when using BIZSTATS® data to prepare market based valuations
Users of data should also be familiar with market based valuation methodology

Sales Revenue Sales per Annum (excludes GST)
EBPIDTTotal Cash Surplus or Sellers Discretionary Cash of business including:
    1. Net Profit before taxation
    2. Proprietors income (salary, wage, directors fees)
    3. Any Interest Paid
    4. Any Depreciation Claimed
W/ONumber of Full-Time Working Owners
(Or full-time equivalent)
Lease Mths Rem Number of months remaining on current lease:
    • e.g. 12 = 12 months remaining
    • A/S = As required if a new lease is available
    • MTM = month to month
    • N/A = Not applicable (e.g. a freehold sale)
(Please note: Freehold Values are not included in the sale price of the business – but may be available upon request)
Gross Revenue Multiple

This measure is mainly used in the food retail industries in the upper North Island (e.g. restaurant, café, bars, dairies, superettes etc.).

It is usually not relevant to other businesses.

=        Sale Price of Plant + Intangible Assets      
         Average Weekly Sales (including GST)
Intangible Assets as % of EBPIDT= Sale price of Intangible Assets
Selling EBIDPT Multiple= Total Sale price of Business
Pre-Tax ROI %=                EBPIDT                
Total Sale Price of Business

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