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Data Requested

Please supply a Bizstats® direct market data report with statistics on sales of

comparative businesses, based on the following criteria:

[1] Business Classification Code

Select one of the following main groups then select your business classification code from the drop-down list that appears below

[2] Other Data

Normalised earning before proprietors salary, interest, depreciation, tax & extraordinary expenses

[3] Nature of Business Operations

Cost of Data for each Code Classification requested:

1 – 5 Statistics: (*each statistic represents the sale of one business) Charge $150 + GST (minimum)

6 + Statistics: $30 + GST for every additional statistic.

[1] Where no satisfactory statistics comparisons are found on the data base, no charge will be made.

[2] In the event that the quantity of statistics ordered exceeds the number available, charges will be made on the actual quantity supplied as per above.

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